Load Balancing on Cloud – ALB, NLB and CLB

A load balancer is a critical component of any cloud-based infrastructure, as it ensures that incoming requests are distributed evenly across a group of servers or other resources. This helps to improve the performance, scalability, and reliability of the system, as it reduces the risk of any single server becoming overwhelmed and allows the workload …


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Monitoring with Prometheus

With containers and microservices in it, it is easy to get into a situation where you have hundreds of pods spread across many nodes resulting in a difficult task of monitoring what is happening in all those applications and their hosts. Imagine a situation where various microservices are running on pods in different nodes, and … Continue reading Monitoring with Prometheus

Kubernetes – The Basics

Containers are the new teenagers on the block. With the amount of flexibility in deployment and isolation from the underlying host it brings, containers are now being looked at seriously by many organizations. Many customers that I interact with, are now working on making their applications ‘cloud native’, and shifting workloads from the VM world … Continue reading Kubernetes – The Basics